Launch of the Proforce range in PPE in Ghana

Guest speakers at the seminar

Process and Plant Sales Ltd introduced their latest own brand of safety equipment under the Proforce name recently at a seminar in Kumasi Ghana. Resident Manager Rudolph Matey organised the event at the Miklin Hotel to promote the new Proforce brand as well as to highlight the importance of safety in the workplace. The chairperson, Mrs Gorman (chief Labour office Ashanti region Directorate) and guest speaker Mr Agyeman Baffour-Asamoah (Director- Ashanti regional Factory inspectorate), welcomed the 150 guests that attended from local business within the Kumasi area. Paul Jones, UK director and Natalie Shenton, Proforce UK Product Manager was also there to support the event.

Proforce is an exciting and comprehensive range of Personal Protective Equipment solutions covering Head, Hearing, Eye, Face, Respiratory, Hand and Foot Protection. The range also includes a complete Workwear solution from Flame retardant to High-Vis. The whole Proforce range is available through the branch network.

The workplace is becoming an ever more demanding environment, due to the scrutiny and implementation of the European Directive on Personal Protective Equipment. Therefore Process and Plant Sales Ltd decided to create and develop their own range of Personal Protective Equipment. Proforce is the choice of the true professional. A full range of 'Head to Toe' PPE products designed and engineered to meet the stringent and uncompromising demands from industry in the 21st Century.

19th July 2007